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Safety of our clients and the safety of our staff is of utmost importance. We are diligently working to establish the highest standards of safety procedures as we plan to phase in private lessons.


As you might imagine, our dance experience will be dramatically changed from what we have been used to. And because we all want things to get back to “normal” as soon as it is possible, we have established protocols that we will strictly follow. We will phase into a return to the studio starting with private lessons.


Although we have strived to spell out all you might expect when you come back to the studio for lessons, please bear with us as we work through and tweak the process.  So – here goes!




  • Has been thoroughly cleaned following CDC and EPA recommendations 

  • Will be cleaned daily with extra care to disinfect highly used, touchable areas multiple times per day such as restrooms, door handles, table tops, and the like

  • Will post health and safety protocols with easy to read signage

  • Will keep the doors locked until individual scheduled lessons start

  • Cannot be used for social gathering




  • Will take and log their temperature and will be asked a series of health questions and asked to stay home if they are feeling ill

  • Will wear a mask during the lesson and wash their hands and change gloves between each lesson if used. Please see recommendations for glove use below in “The Lesson” section.

  • Have been OSHA trained and certified in COVID-19 “Return to Work Training” which will create a foundation of common practices, terminology, and documentation. They have also signed our studio safety policy 

  • Is 100% committed to providing the best possible dance experience for you




  • Both teacher and student will be required to wear masks

  • Will consist of no more than two (2) students who dance as couple 

  • Both student(s) and instructors will be required to thoroughly wash hands before and after each lesson. Discuss the option to wear gloves – or not – with your instructor/student

  • Students need to contact their instructor for a lesson time. When the time has been arranged, please arrive at the appointed time and call the studio number or your instructor and the door will be unlocked for you

  • The number of students/teachers in the studio at one time will be closely monitored to follow safe physical distancing protocols

  • Please pay attention to appropriate physical distancing while on the dance floor or in other studio spaces

  • Please communicate with your instructor before each lesson regarding what is considered appropriate physical boundaries between you and your instructor. If you choose to dance in closed hold or have physical contact, please consider and understand any possible health risks 

  • Please arrive early so as to provide enough time to be let into the studio, change your shoes in the front lobby, put on PPE, thoroughly wash your hands, and other safety steps

  • No snacks or water will be provided. We ask you bring only water to your lesson

  • Please leave all unnecessary belongings in your car before entering the studio

  • Please arrive in your dance attire

  • No friends or family may accompany you in to the studio

  • While getting ready for your lesson or if you need a break, please sit at the table assigned to your teacher





  • Are our top priority and your health and safety are our utmost concern

  • Are asked to come to the door with your mask on

  • Your temperature will be taken with a touchless thermometer and you will be asked a few general health screening questions and sign a waiver and release form. Your temperature must be under 100.4 and must pass the screening to continue with the lesson

  • Please change and leave your shoes in the front lobby

  • Are asked to thoroughly wash your hands, use a paper towel, and wipe the sink and door handles and turn off the light with it after using the restroom

  • Are our top priority.  We cannot say this enough.  We value your loyalty and friendship and we remain committed to offering you the best dance experience possible!


All of us at Come Dancing understand our responsibility as we transition into this new way of being together. We want you feel safe and comfortable and are working hard to earn and keep your trust in us. Our commitment to the well-being of everyone who enters the studio is one we take seriously. All we ask is that you work with us to follow the safety guidelines and respect the physical distance of those in the studio. Also, please watch for updated news about future group lesson offerings. 


Come Dancing dancers are some of the best people I know.  I am confident that we will all work together to make this transition happen and we look forward to the time we can all be together again! 


That’s it! Oh – and let’s have some fun while we’re at it!


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