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How many first dance lessons do we need? 


   When should we get started?

The bottom line: You should start taking first dance lessons ASAP! Learning a new skill takes time and effort, so the sooner your start, the more you focus and the more consistently you take lessons and practice your first dance, the more you can expect to get out of dance lessons.




  How much will this cost?

We offer 3 ,5 and 10 lesson packages.

However there is no specific number of lessons that is required to be purchased.



  Do we need to have a choreography?

First dance choreography isn’t for everyone, but it may be a fit for you. A lot of people think that choreography means something extravagant or over-the-top, but choreography can be as simple as having a few different basic moves and putting them in a specific order.

You may want to consider choreography for your first dance if you:


* Feel most comfortable when you have a plan of action


* Have specific ideas of how you want to represent certain moments in your song


* Don’t feel comfortable just rocking from side to side


* Like to know what to expect


* Don’t like surprises 


Even if you don’t want a first dance that is fully choreographed, you can still incorporate a little bit of structure into your dance. At Come Dancing we like to make sure that your first dance is personal, has a clear beginning, middle, and end (like all good performances), and that it has plenty of variety to keep your guests entertained. If you don’t want it to be fully choreographed, but still want the comfort of a solid plan, we can create a clear outline for your first dance so there are certain “milestones” to hit throughout the dance, but you still have freedom to explore and play in between those moments.


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